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Our Scavenge Rowlett event is already getting a lot of buzz! Lots of questions have to do with the missions, or clues. Here is an example from another game of some of the types of clues you might find in Scavenge Rowlett.

This is only a small sampling of the types of missions you might expect. And be sure we’re going to throw some really crazy ones in there!


We will begin soliciting sponsors this week. If we have the insearchofsponsorsexpected/desired response, we will be able to proceed with holding the first game in June. Stay tuned and join our email list to keep updated!

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About the game

About the game

Scavenge Garland and Scavenge Rowlett are city-wide scavenger hunts. To play, you will pay a small fee (goes to that city’s relief fund), download an app on your phones and log into our game. Then you will see clues that will lead you to a person, place or thing. Once found, you will shoot photographic evidence of having done so and upload to the app’s photostream.

A judge will decide if the “mission” was completed satisfactorily and, if so, award the appropriate number of points to the player that uploaded the photo. Meanwhile, you, the player,  are moving to the next mission.

If the mission is a “sponsored’ mission, meaning a local business paid to sponsor it (after expenses, their sponsorship money goes to the tornado relief fund for the city as well), the player gets extra points for the mission. You will know which missions are sponsored and which are not when choosing your missions. Sponsored missions will involve the product, service or physical location of the sponsor, thus providing return on investment to the sponsoring business.


Here’s an example of a mission completion photo. The mission was to find a light bulb and pose as if you just got a brilliant idea.

There will be a wide range of missions, from simple to very difficult, and a corresponding range of point values for these missions.

We will base the game somewhere centralized, such as the town square in Garland or a location in Rowlett that isn’t torn up (construction beginning soon in downtown Rowlett). There we will have banners promoting our sponsors. The judges will be based at this central HQ.

After all players have completed their missions, we’re going to have a great big after-party and award prizes. This is gonna be fun!

Welcome to Scavenge North Texas

We’re going to have some fun and help our tornado-affected families at the same time. Scavenge North Texas is a series of city-wide scavenger hunts that will teach you about your city, get you outside and active, and give you an exciting way to help your friends and neighbors who were affected by the December 26, 2015 tornado that ravaged several North Texas cities.

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