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Prizes Announced!

Here’s what you can expect to win at Scavenge Rowlett!

win_prizes2First, Second and Third Prizes will be based on point totals. Remember, not all missions are worth the same number of points. The app will tell you how many points you will receive for completing each mission, but the judges may award bonus points for creativity. Don’t expect a lot of bonus points though. Our judges are hard to please. Just make sure you complete the mission as stated because there are no points earned for “effort.”

We will also have prizes based on subjective things like “most creative photo,” “most frameable photo,” “silliest face,” etc. We will announce a list of additional prizes such as these later on.

First Place:              $300 cash or gift card (tbd)
Second Place:         $200 cash or gift card
Third Place:            $100 cash or gift card

As we sell tickets, we will add prizes. After the first 100 tickets are sold, we will add a $50 prize for 4th place. For every 50 tickets we sell after that we will add another $50 prize. So please tell everyone you know about Scavenge Rowlett!


Early Bird Ticket Pricing Ends This Weekend. HURRY!

Sponsored Entries

If you’re not sure whether you can go to Scavenge Rowlett on June 11, you can help someone else go instead. Go to our ticket site and select “Sponsored ticket.” You will purchase a ticket like usual, but that tickect will be reserved for someone who was personally affected by the tornado on December 26, 2015. They will receive the ticket you paid for and be able to enter our scavenger hunt without having to cough up the $$. Cool idea huh?


We’re currently working with sponsors to come up with a great cadre of prizes–cash, merchandise or both. First place is going to be worth around $500, second place $250 andkeepcalm third place $100-$150. We’ll announce what the prizes are as soon as we have everything firmed up.

You know, we might throw a few extra prizes in there for the most creative photos or solutions to the mission clues. So keep that in mind when you’re playing.

Get tickets here!

Registration is open!

We have now opened registration for Scavenge Rowlett for the June 11, 2016 hunt!

Click below to go to the registration site and purchase your ticket(s). You will receive a printable PDF file by email. Please print this out and bring with you to the event to make check-in run smoothly.


No teams

We’ve looked at it from all angles and really, there is no true benefit from doing “team” registrations. If you and a group of individual hunters want to team up and use the “two or more heads are better than one” approach to solving the clues and accomplishing the missions, you may certainly do so. But each registrant will be competing for the same points and prizes. Only paid registrants will be able to receive a prize and a t-shirt, although we will have additional t-shirts available at checkout when you purchase a ticket.

About Teams

teamworkWe’ve had so many people ask about whether they can do Scavenge Rowlett as a team that we’re working hard on how to handle the logistics. While we originally were just going to make it an individual effort, we’re going to try and make teams an option as well.

It will be great fun either way, but of course two…or three…or four or five heads might be better than one. So just know that if we can make it all work we will. If not, be assured that we’re looking into making it an option for future hunts.

When registration opens in a couple of days, look for the “Hunting Team” option. If you find it, we’ve solved the problem. If you don’t, just register as individuals and you can create your own sort of “rogue” teams and still work together.

Please let everyone know about this site and about our event coming upon June 11! We need you to help us spread the word!

HQ Location for Scavenge Rowlett is Set

We now have a location for our headquarters for the Scavenge Rowlett event. We will be based in the parking lot of First United Methodist Church in Rowlett on Main Street.

hqThis is where you will check in upon arrival. There is plenty of parking in the back of the church and in the lot across the street next to the Chamber of Commerce.

Stand by because we will be opening event registration soon!

Click for map.


What Scavenge Rowlett Is

DooFi-Consulting-detective-with-pipe-and-magnifying-glass-silhouette-Scavenge Rowlett is an app-based scavenger hunt, where you have to analyze clues that reveal missions you must accomplish—on foot and with your smartphone. The more missions you complete, the more creativity you use, and the faster you work, the higher your score!

We’ll have some great prizes, lots of fun and an awesome after-party when it’s all over!

You’ll get a custom-designed t-shirt and goodies from all our sponsors. Stay tuned for all the details. We hope to be opening registration soon, and when we do, there will be a special early-bird price!

Meeting with Eventzee

We’re meeting with Eventzee, the company whose mobile app we’ll use for our scavenger hunts, tomorrow. We’re going to come up with lots of great missions for our players. Some will be easy, some will be pretty hard.

If you want to see how it all works, download the app and you can try it out on the Weekend Warriors free scavenger hunt, which runs every Thursday through Sunday.


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