Here’s what you can expect to win at Scavenge Rowlett!

win_prizes2First, Second and Third Prizes will be based on point totals. Remember, not all missions are worth the same number of points. The app will tell you how many points you will receive for completing each mission, but the judges may award bonus points for creativity. Don’t expect a lot of bonus points though. Our judges are hard to please. Just make sure you complete the mission as stated because there are no points earned for “effort.”

We will also have prizes based on subjective things like “most creative photo,” “most frameable photo,” “silliest face,” etc. We will announce a list of additional prizes such as these later on.

First Place:              $300 cash or gift card (tbd)
Second Place:         $200 cash or gift card
Third Place:            $100 cash or gift card

As we sell tickets, we will add prizes. After the first 100 tickets are sold, we will add a $50 prize for 4th place. For every 50 tickets we sell after that we will add another $50 prize. So please tell everyone you know about Scavenge Rowlett!


Early Bird Ticket Pricing Ends This Weekend. HURRY!

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