teamworkWe’ve had so many people ask about whether they can do Scavenge Rowlett as a team that we’re working hard on how to handle the logistics. While we originally were just going to make it an individual effort, we’re going to try and make teams an option as well.

It will be great fun either way, but of course two…or three…or four or five heads might be better than one. So just know that if we can make it all work we will. If not, be assured that we’re looking into making it an option for future hunts.

When registration opens in a couple of days, look for the “Hunting Team” option. If you find it, we’ve solved the problem. If you don’t, just register as individuals and you can create your own sort of “rogue” teams and still work together.

Please let everyone know about this site and about our event coming upon June 11! We need you to help us spread the word!

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